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Beautiful Day in Hawaiʻi Nei

Nimitz Beach

Here in Hawaiʻi it is the perfect day to go to the beach. Few fluffy white clouds appear against the azure blue sky. I feel the warmth of the sunʻs rays and I raise my head, eyes closed, in gratitude. The soft cool breezes flirt across my skin. Thatʻs the great thing about living on Oahu. most likely, you live a few miles from a beach. I live about a mile from Nimitz Beach, and it is where I escape to when I need to take a break from my life. It is what I find wonderful about living here–having surf and sand nearby.

Some days I have to tear myself away from my place. Sometimes I remind myself that it is okay to take a break and go play. All it takes for me is going to the beach or playing volleyball outdoors with friends. Or also a desire to explore other parts of the island with no specific destination in mind. I venture to where I am compelled to go and I find myself smiling and wondering what I will encounter.

November through January are my favorite months out of the year. They bring trade winds and lower temperatures (mind you, it is relative–and yes, I feel cold when it is in the lower 70s). But I love it! Although I grew up on the east coast I could never tolerate the freezing temperatures. Put me in 90-degree weather and call me fine.

What does a beautiful day look like to you? What do you love to do on such a day? Do you make it a day of play?