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An Evening of Wine Pairings

Friends Ashley and Leslie prepping for an evening of wine pairings.
An evening of wine pairings with Ashley and Leslie

Can I just say I love my neighbors Ashley, Liv, and Leslie? Leslie has a side gig offering wine samplings at a grocery store chain around the area. So the other night she invited me over to partake in what was left (the equivalent of a couple of shot glasses per wine bottle) of the samplings.

I’m not a wine connoisseur by any means, and I won’t pretend to be. However, I enjoy my wines. I like sampling them at first and figuring out the character of the wine. Is it heavy? Light? Refreshing? Fruity? Sweet? Dry? Is it pleasing to my palette? Is it crisp? Full-bodied?

I show up with guacamole and rambutan as a thank-you offer, because I can’t go empty-handed when I am invited over. Well, the spicy guacomole wasn’t going to pair well with any of the French wines that were offered, but the rambutan was a hit with Ashley’s daughter. And Ashley’s daughter M was generous enough to leave a single rambutan for Leslie to eat, ha ha ha!

Vegan charcuterie was the theme for the night, courtesy of vegetarian Leslie. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take photos of what we ate, but I was able to take photos of the wine we imbibed!

We started off with the white Bordeaux consisted of 100% unoaked chardonnay. It was served with triple cream Brie, apple compote and rice crackers. What a difference in taste when sipping before and after. It was interesting to notice the taste before and after having eaten a little apple compote and rice crackers. The apple compote brought out the taste of apple in the bordeaux along with other fruit flavors.

Bottle of Domaine Des Valanges
Started off with the Domaine Des Vlaanges

The next wine we sampled was the Drappier Rose Brut Champagne. That was paired with crudites and hummus. Fruity and refreshing, it was a nice light finish to the crudites.

Champagne Drappier Rose Brut
Champagne Drappier Rose Brut

I must admit, the next wine we tasted was my favorite. The Chateau Giscour Margeaux Bordeaux was a blend of 60% cabernet sauvignon, 32% merlot, 5% cabernet franc, and 3% petit verdot. That was paired with oven-roasted asparagus drizzled with red chili olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Although the wine pairing took place several weeks ago, the taste of the Margeaux is unforgettable. A beautiful dark red color, the taste of dark berries in this pure-tasting wine was spot on, the asparagus lending the perfect backdrop to showcase such a beautiful wine.

Chateau Giscours Margeaux

Last but not least we sampled Le Bordeaux de Larrivet Haut-Brion Vin De Bordeaux 2016, a white blend of sauvignon blanc and Semillon grapes. To accompany this wine, Leslie served us roasted kabocha pumpkin glazed with brown sugar and cinnamon. A light and fruity wine, this Bordeaux blend was a nice contrast to the sweet-glazed pumpkin.

White Bordeaux Combo of Sauvignon blanc and Semillion grapes.
Le Bordeaux de Larrivet Haut-Brion

Leslie is a wealth of knowledge in regards to wine pairings. Ashley and I absorbed it all along with the various samplings and food. Honestly, you can’t go wrong when drinking and dining with good friends.


Beautiful Day in Hawaiʻi Nei

Nimitz Beach

Here in Hawaiʻi it is the perfect day to go to the beach. Few fluffy white clouds appear against the azure blue sky. I feel the warmth of the sunʻs rays and I raise my head, eyes closed, in gratitude. The soft cool breezes flirt across my skin. Thatʻs the great thing about living on Oahu. most likely, you live a few miles from a beach. I live about a mile from Nimitz Beach, and it is where I escape to when I need to take a break from my life. It is what I find wonderful about living here–having surf and sand nearby.

Some days I have to tear myself away from my place. Sometimes I remind myself that it is okay to take a break and go play. All it takes for me is going to the beach or playing volleyball outdoors with friends. Or also a desire to explore other parts of the island with no specific destination in mind. I venture to where I am compelled to go and I find myself smiling and wondering what I will encounter.

November through January are my favorite months out of the year. They bring trade winds and lower temperatures (mind you, it is relative–and yes, I feel cold when it is in the lower 70s). But I love it! Although I grew up on the east coast I could never tolerate the freezing temperatures. Put me in 90-degree weather and call me fine.

What does a beautiful day look like to you? What do you love to do on such a day? Do you make it a day of play?