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  • bowl of fried rice containing eggs, soy sauce, green onions and salt and pepper to taste

    Garlicky Fried Rice

    Fried rice is one of those staples that we loved to eat growing up. There’s just something about biting into the slightly crunchy grains of rice (overcooked, slightly burnt and dark…

  • Recipes

    Glazed Lemon Mochi Donuts

    Mochi donuts are SOOOOOO good! They’re not your typical donut. I use rice flour (Mochiko brand) instead of regular enriched flour, resulting in an almost sponge-like soft and chewy texture when…

  • Musings

    An Evening of Wine Pairings

    Can I just say I love my neighbors Ashley, Liv, and Leslie? Leslie has a side gig offering wine samplings at a grocery store chain around the area. So the other…

  • Musings

    Beautiful Day in Hawaiʻi Nei

    Here in Hawaiʻi it is the perfect day to go to the beach. Few fluffy white clouds appear against the azure blue sky. I feel the warmth of the sunʻs rays…